Welcome to the first of what I’m hoping is going to be a long ride, a podcast all about stories from the fandom. It’s predictably hard to launch this sort of thing without content, so…there you go.

So bear with me as we fill the content void with a bit of personal narrative, a bit of what the fandom has meant to me, and still means to me. It goes way back to 2004, a time of hula hoops, “the frug,” The New Deal, butter-churning, and Texas’s first furry convention.

If you want to read along with the record, check out Furry Fiesta’s TFC 2004 gallery. Puppet shows. Sad boiled hot dogs. Towelwolf. It’s all there, the camera proves it.

Welcome to Texas Furry Fiesta!

Ideally, this will be the last episode with just one voice. “Unleashed” is about all our stories, not just my bad “Ira Glass” impersonation, but sometimes you got to prime the pump, take that leap of faith, insert other metaphors here. Next episode, it’s going to be your turn.

So please, share your stories!

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