Insert Words Here: Guidelines

So, yeah. A podcast full of stories from the linty depths of the fandom. How can that possibly go anywhere wrong?

Here’s what we’re looking for, pretty much in order:

#1: Stories. Like, things that really happened, to you. Ideally with a beginning, middle, and an ending, but that’s kind of optional. Maybe they didn’t happen to you, maybe they happened to someone you’re close to (if so, ask nice, get permission, you know the drill.) Maybe it’s not a super amazing trip into space, maybe it’s just the time you skipped work and played with a squeaker all day. Or a particularly good conversation.

#2: Stories. Like, things that happened to a fictional character, but are on topic and maybe a little different than your typical piece on SoFurry. A little thoughty.

#3: Thinky pieces. We love academics (some of us are academics). We love editorials (some of us are editorials.) Again, these should be fun to read aloud, not dry and five-paragraph-essay style.


Your voice? Sure, that’d be fun. We can polish it up a bit, cut out the “ums” for you if you like. Or leave them in. Be confident, or at least amusingly awkward.

Our voice? That’s good too. We’re recruiting some voice talent to read pieces aloud and add life to them. Text is fine, in a worst-case scenario we can transcribe spoken stuff.

The ideal piece is going to be something around 5 to 15 minutes, read at a pretty calm pace. Scripts usually read at one minute per double-spaced page if that helps.

Other stuff:

This is an experiment, so we’ll be fiddling a bit with ideas, maybe forever.

It might get adult. That’s okay. We haven’t ruled out that it might get really adult, we’ll see how it blows.

Most importantly, it has to be the sort of thing we’d want to listen to, say, on a long drive, or doing housework (which we never do, but if we did.) If we’re not interested, we’ll let you know.

How To:

Drop us an email. Before you spend a huge pile of time writing something or recording something, feel free to reach out and see if it’ll fly.