Glad you found our flyer! Or, glad we got to talk! Or, glad an infinite number of monkies grabbed your phone and hammered out our URL!

“Unleashed” is a coming-soon podcast launching (cross fingers) in May, sort of “open mike night” for stories about the fandom, or just from the people in the fandom. Think “The Moth” or maybe “This American Life,” but with more unnaturally colored vulpines.

If you’ve got an idea for a story, catch me at the con! Have microphone, will travel 🙂 You can reach me at @khaladog on telegram, or say hi on our telegram chat…anything else…well, it’s a busy convention, and we’ll connect somehow 🙂 I’m going to be tracking down a sex therapist meeting the fandom for the first time, talking to Nuka the Science Kitty about “Werewolf,” and storing up stories for the long Texas summer and a bunch of upcoming episodes.

Got a story? Let’s talk!

Coming soon?

We’re on the hunt for stories for our first handful of episodes:

  • “What’s in a Name?” (stories about names and identities),
  • “Gender is a Heck” (nonbinary stories),
  • “Down the Rabbit Hole” (places you never thought you’d end up…),
  • “Game On” as a part of TFF 2019’s theme
  • “Into the Woods” (stories about nature).

But that’s just a wish list. Ideas for episode themes, exciting tails [sic], and weird digressions that we never expected, all welcome.

Thank you, and see you under the Glitterball!

Corbeau Khaladog

With thanks to Lizardbeth for the chibi 🙂